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Here is the DTD for the applet tag. This tag is supported by the Netscape Navigator 2.0 and by the beta version of HotJava and is the standard to be supported by other "java enabled" browsers.

<!ELEMENT APPLET - - (PARAM*, (%text;)*)>
        CODEBASE CDATA #IMPLIED  -- code base --
        CODE CDATA #REQUIRED     -- code file --
        ALT CDATA  #OPTIONAL     -- alternate text --
        NAME CDATA #IMPLIED      -- applet name --
        ALIGN (left|right|top|texttop|middle|
                absmiddle|baseline|bottom|absbottom) baseline

        NAME NAME #REQUIRED     -- The name of the parameter --
        VALUE CDATA #IMPLIED    -- The value of the parameter --

Applet resources (including their classes) are normally loaded relative to the document-URL (or <base> tag if it is defined). The codebase attribute is used to change this default behavior. If the codebase attribute is defined then it specifies a different location to find applet resources. The value can be an absolute URL or a relative URL. The absolute URL is used as is without modification and is not effected by the documents <base> tag. When the codebase attribute is relative, then it is relative to the document-URL (or <base> tag if defined).

Here is an example:

<APPLET CODEBASE="/applets/NervousText"
        WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=50>
<PARAM NAME=text VALUE="Java is Cool!">

Which causes this to appear:

The NervousText Source.

Other Examples I have found

For possible inclusion in HTML Documents

The MailMe Applet. The MailMe Source.

The Julia Set Applet. The Julia Set Source.

The Christmas Tree Applet. The Christmas Tree Source.

The TumbleItem Applet. The TumbleItem Source.

The Animator Applet. The Animator Source.

The Blink Applet. The Blink Source.

The XmasTree Applet. The XmasTree Source.

The JIRC Applet. The JIRC Source.
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